Time Lapse

With time-lapse video, stationary cameras take pictures of a subject over a period and then digitally speed them up. For subjects like construction site evolution, large sculpture installations, city traffic, and sunsets, time-lapse photography condenses these into mere seconds or minutes.

Time-lapse photography involves taking pictures of a point of interest over an extended period; maybe 30 minutes, an entire day, a week or a few months. The pictures are then collated and converted into a fast-paced video.

Time lapse is a method of photography or videography that speeds up time around that point of interest.
Time-lapse photography is an excellent way to communicate the information to your target audience in an interesting way. It serves as a standout way to tell a story. It enables you to make your point within a short period combined with a visual appeal. Some of the situations where time lapse videography and photography can help you are: Construction projects, renovations, commercial events, corporate activities or anywhere you want to see energy and activity.

As easy as it may sound, time-lapse photography needs some advanced skills. Not everyone might be able to create a perfect time-lapse video. Contact Midwest Aero Technologies to add this great product to your marketing portfolio.