Photographic and video data collection conducted utilizing unmanned aircraft greatly reduces expense, time and risk associated with manned flight operations and is a true force multiplier when compared to the employment of personnel to physically ascend/descend structures. Having an aircraft fleet equipped with multiple sensor suites, Midwest Aero Tech is capable of capturing all forms of data from standard photo and video formats to the most exacting thermal FLIR imaging available today. With skilled pilots operating continuously in the field, the most daunting structure or project, while challenging, will never be “too difficult” for our team to tackle.

  • Communications towers and sites
  • Aerial antennas
  • Tall and high angle structures
  • Thermal inspections and heat/cold loss survey
  • Maintenance Surveys
  • Solar farms and fields
  • Power and Gas utility infrastructure
  • Bridges and roadways
  • Wind Turbines
  • Recreational land wildlife surveys and animal density counts
  • Livestock survey and land use reporting