Mapping Services

Utilizing unmanned aircraft, multiple forms of aerial data can be collected through a myriad of aircraft sensor suites allowing the creation of highly detailed, extreme accuracy maps, surveys or charts in several forms. Orthomosaic mapping, topographical mapping, digital terrain mapping, ultra-high accuracy measurement and volumetric determinations as well as thermal imagery are all services available to our clients as a result of our in-depth knowledge and experience creating projects of this nature. There are multiple “stock” maps available for any given location on the planet which were typically created via satellite imagery collection and as a result, these maps lack the detail, quality and real time accuracy created when the same sites are collected by our firm and produced into custom maps and/or charts.
  • Orthomasaic map creation and validation
  • Thermal and reflectivity mapping and scanning
  • 3-dimensional point cloud mapping and modeling
  • Topographical mapping
  • Digital terrain map creation and enhancement