Real Estate

Drones provide an unmatched perspective for showing off work like architecture, landscaping, and construction projects. Aerial photos and video take on a new look and feel when viewed from above. The perspective from the air is not only eye-catching but reveals details and nuances that are sometimes unseen from the ground.

Real estate professionals working with residential, commercial and land parcels can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using drone technology. This imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to research the area to buy a new home. The use of drones in real estate has opened new ways to showcase a property. Reaching new heights, you can now expose views that buyers couldn’t see before.

Matterport 3D Showcase is unlike any other real estate virtual tours. It’s the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online. With the Matterport system, you can create 3D virtual tours with ease. True 3D virtual home tours help buyers create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to properties because they can experience them as if they were really there.

Consider the Possibilities

Marketing Services

The real estate industry is highly competitive. There are many realty firms and agents seeking to differentiate their products in the market. However, it is undeniable that an MLS listing with property aerial photography is a simple and cost-effective solution to achieve differentiation for your listings. A drone is designed with the ability to fly high above any property to capture a bird’s-eye view of the property. The same drone can position itself low enough to take close-up aerial photographs of the house. With our services, it is possible to get photos of a property and the nearby neighborhood. Midwest Aero Technologies is your ultimate choice if you wish to have full drone aerial photos and accompanying videos. This means that you can either conveniently update your listing or showcase a home.

Real estate buyers and consumers enjoy watching aerial photography and video. Stand out from the pack with pictures taken from a different perspective. Get more than triple of the normal number of inquiries per listing by posting a spectacular aerial photo and video shoots

Show the Whole Property

Large properties sometimes present a challenge when it comes to showing the big picture. Ground level photos and written descriptions just don’t do the property justice. Aerial views tell a very different story that enhances the marketing of the property.

Appropriate and reliable property listings need to provide all site details. Arguably, the addition of aerial photos to your listing enables you to add unique angles to the listing. These angles are vital in the presentation of the property in its entirety, its adjacent neighborhoods, frontage, and boundaries. With the help of our drones, you will achieve unique angles which make your listings a favorite because we are in an age where most realtors prefer aerial photography drone service providers so as to differentiate and gain a competitive edge with their listings over their market competitors.

At Midwest Aero Technologies, we specialize in the provision of commercial real estate drone aerial photography. Whether a small, medium or large-scale enterprise, we have professionals who will provide you with photographs of your property from many various angles and heights. We also provide vertical photos looking down at your property. Our services cover all commercial property types. These include but are not limited to developed, raw, industrial, hotel, retail, multi-family, office land, and factories.

Panoramic Future Views For Developers & Real Estate

Aerial panoramic photos help sell millions in real estate while eliminating guess work for sellers and buyers. Buyers no longer have to guess about what the view out their high-rise window will be when the building is finished. Typically, we offer panoramic photography views from every 5-10 floors on a new construction, from a single point over the property. Sometimes we take photos from several points on a single property to offer more precise views from specific apartments.