There are many reasons to consider a Drone Service on your farm.

  • Crop Analysis
  • NDVI Images target plant stress
  • Tile and drainage inspections
  • Barn roof and silo inspections
  • Irrigation pivot inspections
  • Hail and cattle damage inspection for crop insurance claims

Consider the Possibilities


Drones can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering acres in a single flight without the cost and hassle of manned services. Agriculture mapping helps spend less time counting and more time treating the plants for you to boost yields and cut costs.

The modernization of agriculture, the demand for advanced farming devices has been growing significantly. Our drones highlight exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

Crop Health, Inspections and Consulting

From the ground, you really can’t see much past that first row of corn. But from the air, you can see your whole field of crops. You can pinpoint problem areas and take care of them before they become significant issues. With drones you can inspect your crops as often as you like to get quick and accurate crop statuses, find potential problems or improve crop management. Farmers are able to inspect their crops at fast rates while also being able to develop crop maps that assist them in managing their crops and time better.

Irrigation Management

With thermal imaging, irrigation and water pooling can be managed more efficiently, while also giving growers better data and insights for the state of their land.

Grain Storage

Need to take a look around the top of your grain silos without risking life and limb? Midwest Aero Technologies takes the guess work out. Before you attempt to climb the silo, let us assess the situation to see if you need to send someone up and what tools might be useful.

Erosion Prevention

Stop ditch runoff before it starts by taking in a bird’s eye view of your acreage, pinpointing potential problem areas, and fixing them before they cost you money. We offer features that allow you to watch the flight live. With your input, the pilot can navigate the craft to better see areas that you find as potential problems.

Land Mapping

Satellite images don’t always provide the most accurate and detailed aerial views. This is where Midwest Aero Technologies can help. Get a better overhead map of your land, or get multiple throughout the year, to see the changes from planting season to harvest time. Whatever your needs are, Midwest Aero Technologies is here to help make your harvest the best it can be!

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